• These terms & conditions apply whether a contract has been made verbally or in writing. The hirer is responsible for the actions and decisions of all passengers on board including additional costs incurred in performing the contract whether or not they actually travel with the party. The hirer will also be responsible for any damages caused to the vehicle by his or her party while in service. Driver will only comply with the hirer’s and his or hers’ designee.


    • All cash paying rides are paid in advance. Credit card payments are billed to the customer’s credit card or corporate account numbers the same day service is to be rendered. Palm Springs Limo accepts the following cards: American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover card.
    • A 20% added charge for tax and gratuity should be considered.
    • All rates are calculated in U.S. dollars.

    3)Cancellation and No Show Fees

    • Reservations are made only by credit card. Reservations, if cancelled at any time or for any reason, are subject to cancellation fee.
    • A ‘no show’ fee equal to ½ the fare of rental price will be charged.


    • Palm Springs Limo has standardized point-to-point rates that provide flat rate pricing for travel to and from most major cities, airports and ship ports. Please email or call for quote
    • Limousine, Sedan or SUV rates for travel between locations in which a point-to-point rate does not exist will be billed at Palm Springs Limo hourly rate. Customers are billed from the time of request until the time the vehicle is released, with 2 hours minimum for Sedan or SUV and 3hours minimum for Limousines.
    • Fractions of an hour are rounded to 15 minute interval.

    5)Wait Time/ Stop Time

    • 15 minutes of free wait time for all stops during a point-to- point transportation is given. Any additional wait time will be charged in 15 minute increments based on the hourly rate for that particular vehicle.

    6)Seating Capacity

    • The maximum numbers allowed on the vehicle is indicated on the vehicle. No standing passengers allowed. Drivers will not carry an extra passenger over the seating capacity.


    • Will be carried on any vehicle by prior arrangement and for a fee, for rates please email or call Palm Springs Limo.

    8)Conduct of Passengers

    • The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle. Any passengers whose conduct is in breach of statutory regulations will be removed on the driver’s authority. The hirer will be responsible for all damages caused to the vehicle by passengers during the hiring.
    • Alcohol beverage consumption for all persons under 21 years of age is against the law.
    • Any passenger who does not obey the drinking law will be removed from the vehicle.Usage of any and all drug substances are not allowed in the vehicle, any passenger using drugs will be removed the vehicle. In either event removal of passenger does not nullify the fare due.
    • At no time should any passenger attempt to climb on the roof of the vehicle through the moon roof. At no time should any passenger have any part of their body exposed to the exterior of the vehicle, when such vehicle is in motion, through the moon roof or any other windows.


    • All vehicles are non-smoking. If there is an urge to smoke, the driver will stop and smoking can be done on the outdoors.